What to Eat in November

What to Eat in November

Design Credit:  Anna Bryant

Design Credit: Anna Bryant

Photo Credit:  Anna Bryant

Photo Credit: Anna Bryant

I know we are all already counting down to the day after thanksgiving when all of those leftovers can start being compiled into glorious leftover concoctions. I'm most looking forward to the king of them all, the Thanksgiving Leftover Sandwich.


Photo Credit:  Love & Lemons

Photo Credit: Love & Lemons

Summer is full of fun salad possibilities, but you have to get a little more creative as the months turn cooler. This salad is a fun twist of Thanksgiving inspiration.

Focaccia With Slivered Artichokes and Goat Cheese

Photo Credit:  Pop Sugar

Photo Credit: Pop Sugar

Luckily Artichokes are readily available year round (although their peak is in the summer) so this is a great bread to bake when having a hearty bowl of soup.

Savory Bread Pudding with Sorrel and Baby Artichokes

Photo Credit:  K.B.R

Photo Credit: K.B.R

As long as you are by the artichokes, why not pick up another for this savory bread pudding. The Splendid Table recommends it with a tasty beet salad, which are also in season.

Beet Cashew Cake

Photo Credit:  Create n Plate

Photo Credit: Create n Plate

There are about to be cakes and cookies everywhere with the holidays right around the corner. This vegan "cheese" cake plays with the sweetness of beets so you can have your cake and eat it too this season.

“Tandoori” Carrots with Vadouvan Spice and Yogurt

Photo Credit:  Bon Appetit

Photo Credit: Bon Appetit

It might be November, but these Indian carrots will warm you up like it's still Summer. 

Balsamic, Honey Roasted Cabbage Steaks

Photo Credit:  Christina Cherrier

Photo Credit: Christina Cherrier

I love to play with sweet and savory combinations. This crunchy dish packs a punch of both flavors. 


Photo Credit: Cooktoria

Photo Credit: Cooktoria

Thanksgiving can get a little mundane with the same recipes being served every year. Try mixing up the Thanksgiving side dishes this year with mashed yams and feta.

Homemade Queso

Homemade Queso

Dallas' Daring Donuts

Dallas' Daring Donuts