Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

  1. The typography is what can level a movie up to iconic. This article goes into the design history behind it.

  2. Staying in world of design, these are some of the best designed beer labels in 2018. Does anyone else pick their beers based on the label design?

  3. David Lynch is my wellness coach helping me live my best life

  4. CITIZEN, a gaming experience for novice and aficionado alike that allows you to summon the power of the forces, faces, and fates that built America, and continue to build it today.” Count me in for this game.

  5. Inspiration for next halloween

  6. Don’t be embarrassed - and other rules to being an artist

  7. Sometimes we all need a reminder on how to be a better friend

  8. This Stanley Kubrick script can have all of my money

  9. There are no fast fixes when it comes to our selves or our planet - fast shopping affects our brains the same way other fast fixes we try do.

  10. The rise of Bauhaus on social media and what it means today

Vegetable and Grain Salad

Vegetable and Grain Salad