Friday Link Love

Friday Link Love

Source:  Amazon

Source: Amazon

  1. You have to make mistakes, look like an idiot, and try again” this quote is a nice reminder. The whole article includes even more.

  2. These photos of Dallas are such a beautiful way to capture a city. I really love this idea. What would you show people?

  3. This Tilda Swinton directed video is everything I didn’t know I needed.

  4. Always be setting goals and looking forward. This is a practice that I am going to start implementing to help me look forward.

  5. Hello November, what are we doing this month?

  6. Not a new album anymore but still a goodie. Mistki killing it.

  7. I neeeed to try making this grilled cheese. It sounds so good.

  8. The double-edged sword that is instagram.

  9. I promise one of these days I will actually clean up my computers. Get rid pf the digital and mental clutter they are creating. This is a little motivation to help me get the ball rolling.

  10. Amazon and Jonathan Adler can have all of my money for this new collection.

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What to Eat at the State Fair of Texas 2018