7 Best Places to Travel in 2017

7 Best Places to Travel in 2017

Now that the new year smell is starting to wear off of 2017, let's start planing where to go to scratch the wanderlust itch! 


New transportation opening in Peru in 2017 is making it easier to travel around the country than ever. The city of Pisco will open a new airport, making it easy to access the coast. The Belmond, a luxury train that runs through the Andes, will also launch in 2017. The train will run between Cusco, The Sacred Valley, and Machu Picchu. This is the year to see all of the lush landscapes of Peru, from the peaks of the Andes to the wild waters along the coast of the Pacific. 


Go pay a Happy Birthday visit to Canada for its big 1-5-0 in 2017! From Vancouver to Quebec, Canada has a vast landscape of options for all travelers. For it's big anniversary Canada is celebrating with free admission to all of it's national parks for the year.  With the help of Air Canada adding 5 new routes in 2017, now is the time to knock some of these cities off your bucket list. Canada is having a moment on the international stage and you will want to be there for it. 


Photo Credit:  Anna Bryant

Photo Credit: Anna Bryant

Go for the rum, the music, and the people. As Cuba opens up the tourism industry in growing at an increasing rate. This makes it more convenient to vist the island as a tourist destination or to find People-to People tours to go on, but now is the time to go and make sure you still catch all the authenticity the land has to offer. More and more air routes are opening to Cuba in 2017 and it is an inexpensive flight to a budget-friendly destination. 


Croatia is a great destination for anyone who love the outdoors, especially in 2017 with the Via Dinarica Trail's expansion completely mapped out. If the mountains aren't what you are looking for, Croatia has thousands of miles of coastline to explore. After your time out in the wile, make your way into town for some of Croatia's delectable wine, food, and culture. Maybe you'll even recognize some of the historical backgrounds from Game of Thrones. 



Photo Credit:  Anna Bryant   All the ice in Iceland

Photo Credit: Anna Bryant
All the ice in Iceland

For such an isolated island Iceland just keeps getting easier and easier to get to. You can have an extended layover on your way to or from Europe that will easily give you enough time to visit the Blue Lagoon, explore Reykjavik, or maybe even squeeze in a hike. However, with one way flights now as low as $99 and an increasing number of flight routes, you might as well make it your one-stop destination and see the whole island.  


Marrakesh, a city bursting with color, is going to be home to the Yves Saint Laurent museum opening in Spring 2017. Does anyone need another reason to go to Morocco this year? Well, if that didn't convince you then maybe a trip to the country's Mediterranean coast will do the trick. The coast is seeing a growth in its spa and tourism industry, so kick back your feet, relax, and take in the Moroccan air. This country is a budget-friendly destination and has more accommodations to offer than ever before.


Chile is a tall glass of natural wonders to explore. New flights out of Santiago to Puerto Natales make it easier than ever to explore Patagonia, one of many beautiful landscapes the country has to offer. Unfortunately this landscape is seeing longer, hotter summers, so it is better to get there sooner rather than later.


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