Gift Guide

Gift Guide

Shopping now-a-days has started to feel like information overload. Shops and websites are overflowing with options that make it is easy to feel bogged down, like you will never find the perfect gift. The feeling grows more intense as your holiday shopping list grows longer. Did you buy Dad a tie last year? What does your teenage niece like now? This guide consists of items that I’ve bookmarked over the year that struck me as good gifts.

Drake Pencil Set

drake pencil.jpg

They are little stocking stuffer to remind you how far you've come!

 This Duffle Bag

duffle bag.jpg

 It's so classy and will work great for a guy or gal.

Chichis T Shirt

chichis shirt.jpg

This year has seen the rise of the woman. Let the ladies you know keep breaking down barriers in this shirt.

Tree Farm Candle

tree farm candle.jpg

Southern Firefly is one of my favorite candle companies!  I buy the tomato basil A LOT (because it reminds me of summer gardens) but this is a nice calming holiday scent.

MRI Socks


I am obsessed with the crazy pattern on these socks. The come in men and women sizes.

Sunshine Tienda Earrings


The cold weather has glove-covered hands and everyone wrapped in scarves up to their chin. Nonetheless, these earrings won't hide the sunshine this winter.

Albatross Fudge


This Dallas based chocolate company is making some of the wildest flavor combinations and they come out delicious every time.  This fudge combines sweet and salty with blue cheese. Don't let the blue cheese fool you, this fudge tastes just like eating chocolate cheesecake.

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini

Thanksgiving Leftover Turkey Tetrazzini

Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst

Bacon Wrapped Bratwurst